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Fine Food and Original Fine Wines, sailing the Southern Aegan Sea, along the phenomenal coastline, or touching at small forgotten Greek islands. Far from business as usual, far from the world news.

No other type of holiday has ever given me this.

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La Reine & Crew

La Reine

We proudly present La Reine de Turquie, the ship that will be your so-wished home for a while. The Turks give her the name of Mirror Stern, “Ayna Kıç”. In general she's called a gulet, probably after the French word goélette, the two-mast wooden schooner. In the old times gulets were used for transport and fishing along the coast. Later, the size appeared to suit very well to invite guests and sail the stunning bays of the Aegan Sea.
The home of La Reine de Turquie is the Harbour of Bodrum (“Bodrum Limanı”), just under the mighty Bodrum Castle, her berth located about 37°02'09.7"N 27°25'30.9"E.
La Reine de Turquie is newly built in 1996 of mahogany wood. She's 24m. long and nearly 7m. wide. When she's ready to sail, with full provision, she weighs 82tons.
Over the years, La Reine is conscientiously maintained. For example, after season 2015, the hull is completely shaved for inspection, and all the wood is in impeccable condition. La Reine will get a beautiful new coat of paint, to protect her from the salt water, and to give her her La Reine appearance.
Inside she has 2 twin bed and 4 double bed rooms to lodge you, all with their private en suite bathroom with toilet and hot shower. The rooms are delicatly decorated with fine materials, so you seem to be in another world, and yet at home. The salon is a nice place to gather, to have a laugh, play music, have a wine.
The kitchen is open so you can watch the honest work. Every small bite you take is home-made, you can watch it being done.
Come on deck, barefoot is best, nestle down among small an bigger pillows, lay lazy and read your novel. Or lie down on the sunbeds to warm yourself; the sail will protect you now and then from too much sun. The cleaning wind just touches your back, or your nose. Crew will provide you with fresh drinks.


La Reine de Turquie's captain the owner himself, Süleyman Tesadif. He is an experienced captain on gulet-ships. Off course he is well qualified, he has his State Certificate for Captain.
The cook is Sabahattin. He knows the ins and outs of the delicious Turkish kitchen and he knows what his guests want to enjoy. Already 6 years he's experienced in cooking and serving on gulet ships. He has his State Certificate for Professional Crew member, as well as State Hygiene Certificate.
The well experienced Kadir will do the, will do the waiting. Working for years in the blue cruise world now, he is well qualified and he has a good eye for his respected guests.


The proud owners of La Reine de Turquie are Süleyman Tesadif and the Dutch Heleen Kram.
Süleyman is experienced for 9 years now, having a steady network in the blue cruise world in Turkey, the sea is a passion with him, and he's well appreciated among his collegue captains.
Heleen is a business woman with a love for fine food and original wines and a good nose for special places to enjoy. For more than 10 years now she's qualified in Wine Tasting Science. Apart from La Reine de Turquie, she is a professional distributor of fine Turkish wines in Europe.

Your Stay


From the quay, the busy world where you will constantly need your head to work, you step into the world of La Reine de Turquie. She will take you to the sea, deep blue, hiding mysteries to reveal, like La Reine de Turquie herself maybe.
She takes you to her sea, where she invites you to leave your daily importances behind for a week and take care of yourself.
In the morning you wake up on your own time, you can start your day taking a fresh dive into the morning sea of light gold: now you feel you're alive! Or let the warm morning sun beams quietly kiss your face first, and start your day with your favorite tea or coffee and a delicious breakfast.
“What is the program today?” None! The crew will weigh anchor, set sail and take La Reine to the next astonishing spot, a bay where you feel comfortably at home, or a picturesque small fishers' village.
All you have to do is open your senses, admire the colors in the coast rocks, hear the rithm of the waves, let the sun comfort your skin.
Oh my book! Finally I have time to read my book free and easy and then fall asleep and take a little health nap. Or try the swimming-toys, kayak, surfboard; as long as it's only what you want to do.


No rigid bell for a fixed breakfast time; breakfast will be served all moring, in a buffet, so you can pick your own moment to sit down and feed body and mind. Fresh fruits, tomatoes and cucumbers with this real, full bodied taste, every morning an egg dish. Genuinly homemade jams, and honey on a fresly baked piece of bread. Nuts, dried fruits, oh it's so easy to eat deliciously here.
Choose from several coffees and teas: the real Turkish coffee, made with so much care, sweetened or not; and off course excellent quality expresso and cappucino, and filtered coffee; or a fresh cup of black tea, and all sorts of herbal tea are available, or fresh mint-tea.
Take your cool mineral water on ice, with lemon and fresh mint, fresh-squeezed citrus-juice, or your favorite softdrink. Off course we have rakı available too, the Turkish aniseed liquor, and good Turkish beer, as well as some spirits. All the time there is fresh fruit available and small bites, amuses-bouche.
And then also lunch is served in a buffet. First finish this chapter in your book, swim your 2 more laps around the boat, have an aperitive wine before you start your lunch. Have a fresh salad, squeeze a lemon, add some beautiful virgin olive oil. And are the Turks good with pulse. Often you will see a well made pulse dish in the lunch buffet.
Dinner is every night a special experience. Turkish kitchen is authentic and reflects the mentality of pride, respect and love for Turkey's sun and soil and the beautiful products provided. All dishes are fresly prepared, nothing artificial. It's easy to dine vegetarian, and always there is a delicious fish, chicken or beef dish. And don't forget to enjoy the Turkish desserts. Turkey has a true tradition of preparing sweets. Could we have a proper wine with this? A Turkish dessert wine? Off course, here you are.


And for all the dishes, for every occasion, we have a proper wine available on board. Especially for you we brought remarkable indigenous wines from all over Turkey to La Reine de Turquie.Experience the rich wine culture Turkey offers. Have a crisp white wine or a sultry one, a summery fruity or a more sturdy red. What would you think of small tastings aboard, just before happy hour starts. We even can arrange wine oriented excursions for you. We promise to surprise you.

Your Journey

Harbour of Bodrum the home of La Reine de Turquie

  • Location

    The home of La Reine de Turquie is the Harbour of Bodrum(“Bodrum Limanı”), Turkey, just under the mighty Bodrum Castle. Already arriving there gives you another world, a world of inviting excitement: boats, flags, seamen, fresh fish ashore and the water dashing to the quay.
    Fly there, fly from your home to Bodrum Milas International Airport. For the comfort of our guests, we can easily start from the Harbour of Kos. From there, we take care of you, every minute of your stay. The friendly driver of our minibus will wait for you just outside the exit door of the airport. Our sign with “La Reine de Turquie” makes clear we are waiting exactly for you. While waiting, while in the bus, have a drink, you will be thirsty from your flight.
    Off course the crew will help you aboard, and then, the captain of La Reine de Turquie will welcome you with a firm hand and warm words. The crew kindly invites you to your cabin. Make yourself comfortable, make La Reine your home, she is! With her 24 meter of length and nearly 50 tons of weight she is a steady basis for leaving your every-day-certainties behind for a while and give yourself to blue sky and blue water and to 2 masks of sails working with the wind to bring you to..

  • Facts

    Passport: 6 months valid after your entrance date to Turkey
    Visa: Required, purchase at ca. 20 USD on

    Check-in time La Reine de Turquie:

    Saturday: after 3 PM

    Transfer Arrival Saturday

    Airport - La Reine de Turquie:
    included, about 45 minutes drive.


    Your own booking

    Arrival Airport: Milas Bodrum International Airport, Turkey or Kos Hippocrates Airport, Greece.

    Check-out time La Reine de Turquie:

    Saturday: 9.30 AM

    Waiting time: By additional wish we can book a room for the day for you
 (or longer?) in a delicious guest-house in the middle of
 Bodrum. Breathe Bodrum town.

    Transfer Departure Saturday:

    Included on departure Saturday, from La Reine de Turquie
 or from the guest-house, to Milas Bodrum International
 Airport or Kos Hippocrates Airport, leaving 3 hours prior to your flight.

Your Expenses

Here, we proudly present our prices.
We are proud: among the many blue cruise trips, La Reine de Turquie offers a nowhere-else-to-find style blue cruise experience, because of our special standards to honest materials, honest food, delicious wines and the great mind we have to you! You deserve this.

Cabin charter (price per person, Saturday-Saturday)

Your cruise between:

22/04 - 03/06:   875 Euro

03/06 - 01/07   1.135 Euro

01/07 - 02/09   1.350 Euro

02/09 - 30/09   1.135 Euro

30/09 - 04/11   875 Euro

Gulet charter (price for the gulet, Saturday-Saturday; incl. 1 person reduction)

Your cruise between:

22/04 - 03/06   9.625 Euro

03/06 - 01/07   12.485 Euro

01/07 - 02/09   14.850 Euro

02/09 - 30/09   12.485 Euro

30/09 - 04/11   9.625 Euro


Reservation fee: 0
Service fee: 0
Transfer fee: 0

If you bring 11 people with you (book the gulet), for you the whole blue cruise holiday will be free (=1 person free of charge, except Extra's). Immediate booking and 100% balance: 5% reduction. Children born after 2002, will be our guest at 25% reduction.


Crew, fuel, harbour-fees Turkey, boat-, passengers- and crew insurance, final cleaning.

Double-bed room, en suite private bathroom with toilet and shower,
 cold and hot water, bed- and bath linen, daily cleaning.

220V, Wifi.

Food & Drinks:
Except 2 dinners (see below), all bites and drinks aboard, including beer and surprising quality house wines red, white, rosé.

Water play tools.

Extra's (per person)

Your flight:

Visa for Turkey:
ca. 20 USD, purchase on

Single travel:
Only in case of privacy guarantee individual cabin by order: +60%.

2 Dinners:
ca. 70 à 100 € (indication) for 2 dinners ashore including drinks.

11 beautiful wines from Turkey are available on board, at a fixed price/bottle, and will be charged at the end of your stay.

Rakı and whiskey are available on board. Other spirits we can provide on request, off course. Available at a fixed price/glass, and will be charged at the end of your stay.

Greek Islands:
If calling at any: ca. € 75 for Customs, and harbour fees.

Crew tip:
Tipping is very customary in Turkey: it is like merit rating and
 expressing your satisfaction. An indication could be € 40 per guest for
 the whole week.

And this (per person)

In case of 100% payment at once within 5 workdays after reservation, at the latest 14 weeks before departure, we appreciate this with 5%.

Your booking is definitive after 100% payment.

If your payment is not 100% (yet), your booking is subject to possible
 changes, we will inform you betimes.

100% Payment:
Your booking is definitive after 100% payment.

Down Payment:
Divided in 40% within 5 workdays after booking, and 60% 8 weeks
 before your departure date.

Your reservation will be valid until 12 weeks before the check-in date.

On La Reine de Turquie: after 3 PM

From La Reine de Turquie: 9.30 AM

For trips other than Saturday-Saturday, please contact us:

Terms & Conditions:
See page 'Your Security'

I want this

Your Security

In the attached file you find the Terms and Conditions supporting a beautiful stay on La Reine de Turquie, also when things don't go the way they should be.. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Your trip is governed by the laws of the Netherlands and of Europe. La Reine de Turquie follows the terms and conditions drawn up by the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators,; and ECTAA (Group of National Travel Agents and Touroperators Associations within the EU,

Download Terms & conditions

I Want This

We give you La Reine de Turquie service, because we truly want!

Only pure food and beautiful Turkish wines... so Delicious!

Make your reservation or accomplish your booking here!

Your Wines

The wines you can taste on board La Reine de Turquie, are for sale outside Turkey. Check and buy: taste beforehand, or extend your experience of being home on La Reine de Turquie!

Blue Cruise Blog

La Reine de Turquie naar de Griekse wateren

For English: scroll down!

Gulet La Reine de Turquie wijkt uit naar de Griekse wateren. “Turkije is een geweldig land, met bijzondere cultuur waar onze culturen uit voortkomen, met indrukwekkende natuur waar ook een deel van onze oorsprong ligt, met heerlijke gastronomie waar wij onze gezondheidsplannen op maken. En het is een land met onverwachte wijnen, die óók aan de basis staan van alle wijnen ter wereld.

Vechten of vluchten
En dat is toch de basis van het leven: cultuur, natuur, eten, en wijn. Echt!  Maar we kunnen daar nu niet zijn. De politieke omstandigheden zijn te onbegrijpelijk voor ons. En als dingen ons verwarren, dan is het vechten of vluchten. Het is een natuurlijke reactie van alles wat leeft: vechten of vluchten.

Veilig op La Reine
Waarde gast, je zoekt rust en ontspanning in je welverdiende vakantie, geen gedoe met politiek.
Waarde gast, natuurlijk wil je alleen maar opladen: hoofd heerlijk leegmaken en vullen met mooie dingen, zon, wind, water voelen en zo genieten van mooi gemaakt eten en bijzondere wijn. Kijk, daar zit je, heerlijk onderuit in de grote kussens, met je tijdschrift maar je leest niet: je tuurt genietend over het water.

Waarde gast, we gaan met je mee: La Reine vaart op plekken waar je je veilig kunt voelen: in de Griekse wateren. We zouden niet anders kunnen. Natuurlijk ben je veilig bij ons op La Reine.

”Zo lang mogelijk” verblijf
Vanuit de haven van Kos Stad (neem een kijkje via de webcam) nemen we je mee op ontdekkingstocht door de Griekse wateren. We nemen je mee op ons heerlijk comfortabele schip van 23 meter lang en 7 meter breed. Het schip is voor jou, van jou, om je helemaal te ontspannen. We zorgen voor je, meer dan je in je droom kunt verwachten. Eet, drink, doe wanneer en wat je wilt. Vertrouwd, veilig, heerlijk.
Weet dat iedere gast aan boord hoopt dat het verblijf “zo lang mogelijk duurt”, dat bedrijven hun kantoor aan boord willen vestigen, hun activiteiten ernaar willen verplaatsen. Woorden uit de mond van gasten. Kom het zelf ervaren. Veilig, vertrouwd, heerlijk.

Voor meer informatie: bel +31654326953 of mail (NL, ENG., DU., FR., TR)

Heleen Grimberg


La Reine de Turquie to the Greek waters

Due to the circumstances, gulet La Reine de Turquie  transfered her sailing trips to the Greek waters. “Turkey is such a great country, with a beautiful culture, berth of our cultures actually, it’s a country with an extrordinary nature, partly source of our nature as well, a country with such a delicious gastronomy, on with we design our health food programs. And Turkey is a country with unexpected wines, who are also the ancestors of all the wines in the world.

Fight or flee
Really, life is all about culture, nature, food and wine. Right? But now, we cannot be there. The political circumstances are beyond our understanding. And when things get confusing, we fight or flee. It’s a natural reaction of all living things: fight or flee.

Safe on board La Reine
Dear guest, you are looking for rest and relaxation during your well-earned holiday, no politics.
Dear guest, off course you just want to empty your mind and refill with beautiful things, feel sun, wind and water, enjoy fine food and surprising wines. Look, there you are, nestled in the large cushions, magazine with you but you don’t read: peering at the water you just enjoy.

Dear guest, we go with you. La Reine will sail where you can be safe: the Greek waters. This is how we care: off course you are safe with us on board La Reine.

Stay “as long as possible”
From the harbour of Kos Town (have a look through the webcam) we take you on a discovery in the Greek waters. We take you with us on our deliciously comfortable ship of 24 meters long and 7 meters wide. The ship is for you, she’s yours, so you can relax completely. And we take care of you, more than you can expect in your dreams. Eat, drink, do what you like, whenever it suits you.
Feel safe, comfortable, feel the bliss

Just know that every guest wishes the trip lasting “als long as possible”, businesses want to have office on board,have their meetings. All words from guests’ mouths. Come and find out for yourself.
Feel safe, comfortable, feel the bliss.

For more information: call +31654326953, email to (NL., ENG., DU., FR., TR)

Heleen Grimberg


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